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Posted on: January 28, 2010

1. How many lenses (approximately) does canon make for its professional level DSLR cameras?  Find the answer at this link: The Digital Picture This website provides lens and camera reviews.

-approximately 10

2. Come over to my desk and take a look at the lenses I have.  I want you to a) identify each lens and b) choose one as your favorite.

A) 1. Cannon Fisheye Lens
2. Cannon Zoom Lens 28-135mm
3. Cannon  Lens 50mm

B) Fisheye is my favorite.

3. Then, go back to the same website as above and learn 3 things about the lens you chose and list them…for instance, what is the price of the lens…what type of photography (portraiture/weddings/sports) is the lens used for, and what makes the lens unique?

1.) The fisheye lens focuses moderately and makes a LOUD buzzing sound when doing so.
2.)Fisheye lens are used for wide landscapes, wide day and night sky shots, and interior shots.
3.) This lens has very nice image quality.
4.) In the USA, the price of a fisheye lens, cost about $650.00 without the shipping price.

4. Finally, which of the 3 lenses shown in the photo above is the reviewer’s favorite and why?  The 17-40 L, 24-105 L, or the 200 2.8 L ?
1.) The 24-105L


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