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Posted on: January 29, 2010

I learned that all the software is going to change, we are going to be able to do more things on the computer. The computer itself is going to change, they are becoming more compact than laptops, example, the I-Pad, a touch screen computer. Everything dealing with technology is becoming easier, with the  touch screen. The computer monitor’s are going to be wider so that you can have horizontal scrolling. The smallest monitor you can get is 21.5 inches and the biggest you can get is 27 inches. Magazines are going to become more interactive on sites. The Web is going to become more semantic, meaning that data is going to be shared through applications. Mobile phone applications are going to get better, by helping you when you get lost showing photos of where you are, to knowing whose standing in front of you at a party. Cool, right? The security for the web is going to be better blocking spam and scams. Also the television programs online are going to be in high quality. The bad thing is, in the future it has been said that people are going to be using social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook as search engines before they use Google, because they are already doing it today.

The Future of The Web


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i think that the new technology is cool

this picture was Pr3ttySw33T!

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