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Posted on: February 3, 2010

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

The article talks about how the internet is somewhat bad, because its sort of like mind control once you’re on and you’re surfing you get hooked, and addicted and don’t want to stop. I feel that a search engine, does not make you stupid, its just how you use the internet. You can either use it for a good purpose or you can abuse it.

2. Next, go explore all the different apps and related apps that Google supports. Click this link: Explore Google

Find your 3 favorite apps and blog about them in your blog post. List your favorite, tell what they do, and tell why you chose them as your favorite.

-iGoogle, Google Earth, Images
iGoogle you can add news, games and different things to your home page. Google Earth, you can navigate to any place around the world and see it. Images you can search for images. I like these because out of all of them they were the ones i thought i would probably use. ;D

3. Next, answer the question “Is Google Taking Over?” Just give your opinion and tell why. Again, post your comments in your blog post.

I think “Google” is taking over because it is the highly most used search engine, GMail is a highly desired provider for email, Google News is viewed as the number one site for most news by people, Google owns many many things, Google, i think is great. Whenever I’m looking for something I always google it. :D.



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