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Posted on: February 4, 2010

||example of shutter speed||

I learned about shutter speed, it allows you to choose how motion will be depicted. Slow shutter speed can depict motion in ways the unaided eye cannot see. Fast shutter speeds, freeze motion in ways the eye cannot. We use shutter speed to ensure that we have a steady shot.  Aperture refers to the diameter or the opening in the lens through which light travels when an exposure is made, it is the way you control light volume.  The ISO is the number that defines just how sensitive the sensor is to light. An advantage of digital is that you can change the ISO on every frame. When you the flash seems to ruin the picture, you can turn the ISO high so that you can have a nice picture. When you need more or less light to affect how the aperture and shutter speed are set, simply raise or lower the ISO setting in the camera. The lower the ISO setting the better the quality of the image. Go to a high number for more light with a fast shutter speed, and a low number for less light.  The higher you go in the ISO the more “noise” it adds to the image.



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