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Posted on: February 23, 2010

My favorite blog was are firstborns likelier to marry firstborns?? Quite an interesting question. I learned that opposites attract, but not in marriages or other-long term relationships. We value in others what we value in ourselves. So many of us prefer those with similar background, religion, ethnicity, education,values, etc. Women often have different things they look for in an opposite sex, like if they amount to how they’re dad was. The study, based on the responses of 2, 500 visitors to the website, found that the birth-order effects are independent on family size and unlikely to be a product of class or ethnicity. “If spouses correlate on personality, and personality correlates with birth order, spouses should correlate on birth order. The researchers also found that best friends often time share the same birth order. My parents aren’t first borns. I don’t think this is true. You marry who you want to marry.

Are Firstborns Likelier to Marry Firstborns??


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I really find birth order and personality to be fascinating. I found a book that I liked on this topic and blog on it at See Gray navigation bar under Random Topics. There is a quiz on the blog that lists traits of first born, second born and youngest with typical traits.

It rings fairly true for my 3 kids …at least, so far.

Pragmatic Mom

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