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Posted on: May 11, 2010

“my heart was stolen…..& i don’t want it back…”

This article was  about a woman who went to Africa for a church trip they helped them with 2 orphanages there. I learned that people in Africa only get about 2 hours of electricity everyday. I don’t believe they have bathrooms, they have to sleep with mosquito nets over their bed so they won’t get bit by mosquitoes. Also, the clothes they wear is probably the only clothes they have. I am very grateful for the life and the resources I have today, because when I think I have it hard and complain when I don’t get what I want  when I want it, I have to think some child somewhere else is probably dying to get the things I have. 😦


1. Who is Peggy Noonan?
-Peggy Noonan is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal and the best selling author of seven books on American politics, history and culture.

2. List some of her accomplishments.
Peggy, holds honorary doctorates for Adelphi Univ., St. John Fisher College, Miami Univ., and her alma mater, Fairleigh Dickson Univ. She was producer at CBS News in NY, wrote and produces Dan Rather’s daily radio commentary. She also wrote television news specials for CBS News. Editorial and public affairs director at WEEI-AM, the CBS owned station in Boston, she won the Tom Phillips Award for broadcast commentary. In 1978-79 she was and adjunct professor of journalism at New York University.

3. What was her role in working with the late President Ronald Reagan?
-She was his personal assistant!

And this next questions is probably the toughest…and most important for your presentations.
3. What format for delivering a speech does Peggy Noonan recommend that you always follow?
-Tell them what your are going to tell them.
-Tell them.
-Tell them what you told them.

I know you guys probably went to Wikipedia to get your info.
4. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about Mrs. Noonan?
-Seems to me she is a very intelligent woman, she has so many accomplishment,she holds honorary doctorates at colleges I’ve never heard of.

Go check out the technology section of the BBC News website.
1. What are the latest headlines ?
-Nokia sues Apple over Technology
2. Now, find one article that interests you.  Read it and post what it’s about
to your blog.  Don’t forget to include an image in your post and a link to the article.
-The one that interested me was how the wii sales are falling slowly. The sales dropped by 36%. They are expected to sell at least 18 million wii’s in the year to March 2011, down from 20.53 million this year. But it has been said that the game’s console would be stronger in 2011. Now Nintendo is planning to make a 3D version of the DS console. It is expected to be in early or late 2011. Rival Sony plans to launch 3D games and TVs later this year. I think that the console will sell better because by this time the new games and the console itself will be cheaper.

1.)Does the site have a distinct, easily recognizable purpose?
-This websites helps me understand that she has a bakery of some sort and it is now officially open.
2.)Is that purpose reinforced throughout the site?
Yes, this purpose is reinforced throughout the site.
3.)Does the site prominently feature the company’s Unique Value Position (USP) on the home page and primary entry pages.
Yes this site catches my attention, with the food, the name, and the colors. The colors are very pretty. Everything is constant on the other pages.
4.)Does the site have a substantial amount of significant, interesting text and visual content for its target audience? Does it have better content than its competitors.
Yes this site does.
5.) Does this site have a consistent feel and appearance or doe is feel piecemeal constructed?
Consisted feel
6.) Easily Navigated?
7.) Is the site to deep? (Too many clicks)
8.) Is the use of scrolling minimized especially on primary navigation pages.
9.) Are navigation methods consistent and in similar locations?
10.) Are symbols, icons, photos, or graphics used for navigation obvious in terms of what they represent?
11.)Does the home page establish the basic navigation methods?
12.)Are places viewers are to click obvious?
13.)Is a consistent navigation bar(s) provided?
14.)Is the color code on links and previously followed links intuitive? Are they ease to see against the background color and images?
yes. yes.
15.)Would it be considered visually appealing by its target audience?
16.)Besides having a consistent feel throughout the site, is that feel and image consistent with the image and feel presented through other media and the products of the company involved?
17.)Does each page bear the corporate logo?
no. she doesn’t have a logo.
18.)Are colors consistent with other corporate images?


Posted on: May 5, 2010

The article was about a teenager from Aiken High School, that will get to vote this November. I think it is important to vote because when you vote your become apart of a movement, a group of people. Voting does matter, when you vote and things don’t go right, you can voice your opinion on how things are.


Posted on: April 29, 2010

Spock is a fictional character from Star Trek, he prevents huge evil from occurring. He is 109 years old. Leonard Nimoy, 79 years old.

I found an article that interested me. It was about great minds and how we look at words as a whole instead of parts. Even if the first and last letter are in the same places we can see and recognize the word.! In which i think its cool!

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